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UPDATED LOCATION: Due to scheduling issues, Ad Astra per Ultra 2016 will take place at Cessna Park on October 15th. Each distance will still be USATF certified and start at 8am

registration will close at 100 participants!

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Ad Astra per Ultra

USATF Certified Marathon, 50K, 50 Mile, 100K, 100 Mile

Cessna Park, Wichita, KS - 10/15/2016

For the safety of the runners, congestion on the course, and to make this one of the best ultras in the Midwest, there will be a race cap of 100 participants. Be sure to register early to secure your spot, custom race bib, and date specific finisher buckle!


If you are registered and need to drop out, we understand that things in life happen. You do have the option of to transfer your registration to a new participant if requested before September 1st.

If you want to change races, you can drop down for no charge. If moving up, you will pay the difference between the registration fee you already paid (not including processing fee), and what the current registration fee is.

If you would like to defer until the next year, 75% of your registration fee will be deferred.

There are no registration refunds. After September 1st, if transferring to another runner, there is no guarantee on item sizes available.

To transfer, please contact Carolyn Robinson at carolyn@timerguys.com

​Opportunity for a free entry!

​Are you a current doctor, medic, firefighter, or police officer? If so, would you like the possibility of a free entry into the 100 mile race? We are looking for one person currently trained for emergency situations to help be another set of eyes on the course. We will waive your entry fee with the understanding that if you see something happen to a runner on the course, you stop your race and set aside your goals to help that runner and contact us immediately. On a loop course like this, the chances are very slim that anything would happen along the course, but runner safety is our top priority. If you would like to be considered for this, please contact Carolyn Robinson at carolyn@timerguys.com