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Ad Astra per Ultra

USATF Certified Marathon, 50K, 50 Mile, 100K, 100 Mile

Cessna Park, Wichita, KS - 10/15/2016

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The race is caped at 100 registrants!

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The state motto of Kansas is Ad Astra per Aspera. Translated to English as "To the stars through difficulty." There are few phrases that can sum up an ultramarathon more eloquently. Completing an ultramarathon is never easy, but it is always the difficulties in life that make us better. If it was easy, then ultrarunners would make up more than 0.021% of Americans. As Kansans and ultrarunners ourselves, we know how rewarding it is to work through all of the difficulties associated with an ultra as you make your way to the stars.

UPDATED LOCATION: Due to scheduling issues, Ad Astra per Ultra 2016 will take place at Cessna Park on October 15th. Each distance will still be USATF certified and start at 8am

In the entire US, the Ad Astra per Ultra is one of only 10 record eligible 100K races. Kansas is now one of only four states to have a certified and record eligible 100 mile race, joining Minnesota, North Carolina, and Texas. For many of the states surrounding Kansas, this is the only USATF Certifiedfixed distance ultra. 

With a great loop course, fully stocked aid station, and top notch event items, the Ad Astra per Ultra is one of the Midwest's finest road ultras. If you are new and looking for a great first ultra, wanting to run a fast time, appear in theKansas Road Running Records, or even qualify for a national or world team, then the Ad Astra per Ultra is the race for you!